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With this solution sending a Fax or E-Mail in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a breeze. You no longer need to specify a Printer, Address, Fax number or Filename in a Report.

Just activate SendX and Print, that's all...




  • Activate SendX and Print

  • 2.

  • Select an option

  • 3.

  • After printing the Sales – Invoice with No. 103015, click on the Send button

  • Information
    PDF or Fax-software like eDocPrinter, Zetafax, GFI FAXmaker, Pdfmailer and Faxware have the option of looking for embedded commands in a print job.

    SendX uses this functionality to embed commands like Fax number, Email address, etc. into the header of the document.

    Developers can extend reports with just a few lines of code. This way you can do batch-reporting, select a coverpage, add company logo, change the subject, filename, add bodylines or end a document. It all depends on your chosen PDF or Fax package.


    How to activate SendX with Printer Selections
    How to activate SendX by the User
    How to activate SendX in Code

    • Send any report as an attachment in your Email Client

    • Send any report with your Fax Client

    • Batch-printing of pdf-documents in a single print job

    • Only 6 objects to modify

    • No need to extend your Navision license

    • No need for extra tables, reports, forms, etc.

    • No need to modify standard reports or forms

    • No need to add a company logo in standard reports

    • No need to install an OCX, it's all Navision code

    • Takes a maximum of 1 hour to implement

    • Activate SendX by the User, with the Menu, Printer Selections or in code
    • Automatic insertion of Address, Fax number, Filename

    • Include company logo in reports

    • Forward to other Recipients

    • Skip the dialog choices

    • Protection of sending to a wrong Recipient

    • Get more control with embedded commands

    • Examples of how to use embedded commands

    • The report program is also aware of what the user selected, Fax, E-Mail, etc, and can add extra commands in the document
    User Feedback
    …I didn’t even know eDocPrinter, Thanks…
    Peter J.

    …It's been a time saver and couldn't live without" Before using this product I had to do everything manually…
    Wim Z.

    ...Thank you for a terrific product. I had been looking for something like this for our customers...
    Elise D.

    …I'm pretty impressed by your support department, I asked a question on a Sunday and received an answer the same day: I greatly appreciate!"…
    John L.

    Ease of Installation (1 Easy - 10 Hard): (3)

    Order information: SL-SXAdditional investment
    • Development, 1 Hour

    • Implementation, 15 min. per PC

    • Support, 1 Hour
    All figures are an estimate and can differ per customer, database or partner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Could you describe again what your code does?
    • First of all; Your MBS partner does not need to add code to all forms and reports
    • Hides in the background, only when you click on the print button SendX steps in between
    • Automatically selects the correct printer driver
    • Automatically inserts embedded commandos into the header
    • The Pdf of Fax package sends the document to the recipient

    Why this forward option?
    • When no header is used you can use the forward option
    • If you don't want it send to the standard Email address you can use the forward option

    What is your preferred PDF-writer?
    At this moment we do all our development with eDocPrinter because it contains all the functionality we need and because of it’s pricing policy. As an affiliate we have a direct connection with the support department.

    Please click on the links below to download a trial version or buy the software package.

    Buy eDocPrinter PDF Pro
    Download eDocPrinter PDF Pro


    What is your preferred Fax-driver?
    At this moment we do all our development with GFI FAXmaker.

    Please click on the links below to download a trial or buy the software package.

    GFI FAXmaker



    Sometimes the email address is too short?
    The headers in Navision documents are not all the same. We use the last 2 lines and for a long email address you need to extend the field on the section page. Look in the support forum for examples.

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