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Create dynamic Word documents with your Navision data, export financial data to Excel, directly from within the Dynamics NAV client and with no program or development knowledge required. Create special documents for your Vendors, Customers, Contacts or from any other custom table. Use any field in emails and Outlook.

Customers always asked for more integration between Microsoft Office documents and Dynamics NAV tables and especially asked for easier development. ReportX uses Dynamics NAV technology; filters, flowfields and forms. It is developed in Dynamics NAV and users will think it is standard in Dynamics NAV or Entrepreneur.

Dynamics NAV 5.0 introduced the "Send To" style sheet button, which is much better then the old "Copy and Paste". ReportX builds on this and with a few clicks you can email or fax your documents, Add File links or Interactions.

The Mailmerge option allows you merge your data to Outlook in seconds. ReportX can even check on unique email adresses within a contact list.

New: ReportX is also available for Dynamics NAV 3.x,4.x, 5.x, 2009

Demonstration video

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The starting point of any document is the Query. In the Query you can add Tables, Relations, Filters, Totals, etc. You can link the Query to the Menu like any NAV Report or you can link the Query to the Customer, Order or Invoice form.

The result looks just like an Excel sheet within Dynamics NAV and you can navigate or drilldown to view more data.

Within the setup of the Query you can specify the report type; Excel, Word or Text and the template to use. The NAV data will then be merged with the template and the Office document is ready.

  • No C/Front or ODBC drivers required

  • Integrated within Dynamics NAV and Entrepreneur

  • No need to setup extra software

  • Create forms and queries without a developer license

  • Merge Dynamics NAV data with Microsoft Office 2000 - 2010

  • No development skills needed

  • Query your database from within the Dynamics NAV Client

  • Prototype reports

  • Use any field in any table

  • Import, Export, Edit, Save and share Queries and documents

  • Create your own relations between tables

  • Use fields in formulas

  • Mailmerge any data to Outlook

  • Add File links

  • Add Interactions

  • Totals, Grandtotals

  • Create matrix sheets in Excel

  • Filter with dynamic fields

Demonstration database
If you have the Dynamics NAV Classic client installed on your computer you can try out ReportX but please read the ReadMe file first and use the included Cronus license file or the ReportX menu will not be displayed.
  • Please contact us by email and we send you a copy..

  • Ease of Installation (1 Easy - 10 Hard): (1)

    Order information: SL-RXAdditional investment
    • Development, 3 Hour

      With the new release we will do the installation free of charge in Dynamics NAV 5.0 or Entrepreneur 2008
      In other versions your partner need to add the ReportX icon to forms

    • Implementation, 1 Hour

    • Support, 1 Hour
    All figures are an estimate and can differ per customer, database or partner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the speed of your solution?
    Because this solution was developed in Dynamics NAV you take advantage of the speed of the NAV Client. While inserting data into Word or Excel, speed can improve if you have more then 512Mb of memory available.

    Can we create reports?
    This solution was designed for easy creation of Word or Excel documents. You can use a Query as a report but it is better to use the Report Designer, Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services for larger reports.

    What about the "Send To" option in Dynamics NAV 5.x?
    This is a big improvement in Office integration but the development of a document won't be any easier. ReportX was especially designed for easy creation of Office documents and no complex programming.

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