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ScriptFiles EB Which ever way you backup your Dynamics NAV database, someone in your IT department needs to develop batch- or script-files to Stop .., Start.., Copy.., Schedule.. and Backup.. [image]/Software/Solution/ScriptFiles/ScriptFiles_Cover.jpg border=0 align=right hspace=0 [/image] This solution contains all the script-files to do this and with the included instructions you will have a running copy in no time. Overview

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  • Prepared script templates
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  • This is an example of a log file
  • Information So you think a backup to tape is secure? If while backing up to tape, a user or process modifies the Navision database some data is NOT on tape. We do not want to scare you and actually, when you restore a database from tape, Navision does a good job recovering in such situations but some data will be lost. If your database is divided into separate database parts, recovering the Navision database from tape will not always work because of different timestamps. In earlier versions the only way to create a good backup was to; Stop Navision; Backup to tape and when finished; Start Navision. Starting with Navision 3.00 the program HotCopy was released. With HotCopy you can copy a Live Navision database to a save location. Users can keep on working uninterrupted and the Backup application will backup this saved folder to tape. But how do you work with HotCopy? How to stop and start? How do you schedule this? Video [image]/Images/wmp.gif border=0 align=middle hspace=10 [/image][url=/Software/Solution/ScriptFiles/How to schedule a daily HotCopy.wmv]How to schedule a daily HotCopy[/url] BenefitsFeaturesEase of Installation (1 Easy - 10 Hard): (1) Order information: SL-SCRIPTSupport If you need technical support, please visit this solutions [url=/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=44]forum[/url]. If you can't find the answer you need, then please contact us by email of phone. Keywords Batchfile, Backup, HotCopy. Copyright All above product or company names are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. [item]{C}{N}{E}{T}{L}{M}{B}{R}{P}{A}[/item]