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Navision Attain 3.60 ML Oktober 2002 Financial Management Highlights Microsoft Excel Analysis Views As part of the ongoing integration of Navision Attain with commonly-used Microsoft Office products, new dimensions functionality has been added. Now you can export dimensional information from the Analysis Views to Microsoft Excel. This new functionality gives you the opportunity to organize, analyze and manipulate Navision Attain data in an Excel spreadsheet for improved usability. Change Log The Change Log feature makes it possible to log all direct modifications a user makes to data in the Navision Attain database. You can receive a chronological list of all changes made to any field in any table and see which user made the changes. XBRL Specification 2 In the previous version of Navision Attain, XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) debuted as a new standard for exchanging financial information across various software and technology platforms. The latest release of XBRL for Navision Attain incorporates the XBRL consortium's newly released XBRL Specification 2, and improves the solution's ability to import, export, view and print XBRL document files as well as send them via email to public authorities, credit institutions, banks and other relevant organizations. Navision is one of the few, non-XBRL specific software vendors to adopt this new specification, this makes Navision Attain the first business management solution to deliver this new standard in its base product on a global level. Supply Chain Management Highlights Warehouse Management Systems Navision Attain for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) saves your business time and money through efficient warehouse processes. WMS is the extension to Warehouse Management, which was released with Attain 3.01 and covered the basic activities in the warehouse, such as receiving and putting away, picking and shipping. With WMS, the warehouse functionality is extended to allow you to speed up the order handling process, streamline your warehouse operations using accurate and transparent inventory data, and optimize your warehouse layout and space utilization. Some of the features of WMS include:

Automated Data Capture Systems Inaccurate data and inefficient processes in the warehouse lead to a range of problems that can affect many aspects of your business. Navision Attain now incorporates an Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) to provide an efficient means for maintaining accurate inventory data in your warehouse. ADCS enables you to achieve cost savings by streamlining your inventory management processes. Navision ADCS: Provides a simple, fast data collection system using radio-frequency technology to collect accurate, real-time inventory data. Increases the visibility of accurate inventory data throughout your company so that all employees have access to accurate data. With ADCS, the quantity, placement, serial number, bin number and zone number are recorded so that when you want to find a specific item the program will tell you exactly where it is. Pricing Navision Attain for Pricing gives you the freedom to focus on increasing sales, and the tools to minimize your purchasing costs. Pricing allows you to efficiently handle both your sales and purchase prices and your line discounts with customers and vendors. You can: CRM Highlights Microsoft Outlook Client Integration The key to success for CRM users is building better relationships with their business contacts. In this capacity the task management feature of Navision Attain plays a critical role. CRM - Marketing & Sales now offers direct integration with Microsoft Outlook. By integrating Navision Attain with Microsoft Outlook, users gain more efficient real-time information workflow and eliminate redundancy between the two systems. When fully integrated, the calendar reminder, planning and scheduling, as well as task management, are simultaneously updated in both systems, whenever information is entered into the corresponding application areas. For example, you can schedule a meeting in Microsoft Outlook and have the meeting automatically updated in the CRM - Marketing & Sales task management. And when the meeting is completed the follow-up to-do registered in CRM - Marketing & Sales can be synchronized with your task list in Microsoft Outlook. In addition, this functionality enables you to take advantage of the offline accessibility available in Microsoft Office ensuring that you always have access to your contact information no matter whether it is in entered in Navision Attain or Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Exchange E-Mail Logging In addition to taking advantage of Microsoft Outlook's meeting and scheduling functionality, Navision Attain also lets you integrate Outlook's e-mail capabilities directly with CRM - Marketing & Sales. When using this functionality, you can share both inbound and outbound e-mails to and from clients with any designated employees, regardless of whether the e-mails were directed to a specific person. You can log e-mails sent from both Navision Attain and Microsoft Outlook and you can even decide whether to log automatically or manually. This gives you all the flexibility you need to choose the right settings for your business processes. By using the Microsoft Exchange Server (minimum requirement: version 5.5 with service pack 4) you'll keep all your e-mail correspondence in their natural environment instead of lowering performance by storing them on the application server. Additionally, this ensures you can continue to easily administer and optimize your database storage capacity. Improved Service Contract Management For many companies, having precise, productive and well-maintained equipment is the key to their success. By maintaining service contracts on their equipment they can prolong the life of their equipment and avoid expensive and costly breakdowns. Service contracts enable companies to plan ahead so they can better organize their serviceable resources. CRM-Service allows you to create service contracts for any type of service, whether it is equipment-related or consulting related. And you need not worry about handling customers with service items in different locations, because, the solution lets you create one service contract for multiple service items. Service Price Management A well thought out service price strategy is one of the many tools companies can use to increase the profitability of their service operations, whether or not their prices are dictated by competitive pressure or internal policies. The service price management functionality in CRM - Service has undergone major improvement to make it a more effective tool for companies to support their simple or complex service pricing strategies. You can define your pricing structure based on a variety of parameter to ensure you always apply the right price for the performed service task, by setting up a minimum, maximum or fixed price. CRM - Service helps your improve your efficiency throughout your operations from accelerated invoice processing to improved customer service so you can easily personalize your service price agreements and analyze your prices to achieve maximum profitability. CRM Functionality Improvements The more you know about your customers the better you will be able to serve them. So, in addition to the new Microsoft Outlook integration capabilities, Navision Attain for CRM also delivers many newly enhanced functionality improvements including: more flexible contact search and data retrieval, advanced cross-classification performance, improved information collection classification and expanded customer base segmentation functions. [item]{C}{N}{E}{T}{L}{M}{B}{R}{P}{A}[/item]